Tuesday, March 23, 2010

College Of Science Information Sessions

The College of Science will also sponsor a special consultation period to answer individual questions: March 22nd - 26th

Biological Sciences (BIOS) and Environmental Science (ES)
Dr. Paul Grimstad--100 Galvin
Phone: 574-631-8502
Email: BIOSUADV@nd.edu

Chemistry (Chem)
Dr. Marya Lieberman--271 Stephan Chemistry Hall
Phone: 574-631-4655
Email: Marya.Lieberman.1@nd.edu

Biochemistry (BCHM)
Dr. Paul Huber--437 Stephan Chemistry Hall
Phone: 574-631-6041
Email: Paul.W.Huber.1@nd.edu

Math (MATH)
Professor Michael Gekhtman--128 Hayes-Healy
Phone: 574-631-7131
Email: mgekhtma@nd.edu

Physics (PHYS)
Dr. Anthony Hyder--189 Nieuwland Science Hall
Phone: 574-631-8591
Email: ahyder@nd.edu

Science-Business(SCBU), Science-Computing (SCCO) and Science-Education (SCED)
Sr. Kathleen Cannon--
Email: Kathleen.Cannon.1@nd.edu

Science PreProfessional (SCPP)
Fr. James Foster--219 Jordan Hall of Science
Phone: 574-631-4890/5899
Email: James.K.Foster.34@nd.edu